Bobcat Bulletin 12/12/2021

Bobcat Bulletin C.D. Hunking School | December 12, 2021 A big shout out to our school nurses! They have been working tirelessly to provide the typical health services while addressing… Read more »

Bobcat Bulletin 12/6/21

Boletín de los Linces 12-5-21 – Google Docs Bobcat Bulletin 12-5-21 – Google Docs

Consent to Tape

 (1)consent to tape  (3)consent to tape in spanish

Home Learning Resources

Mental Health Resource: Lahey Behavioral Health 978.521.7777 The following link provides Enrichment Resources that HPS has compiled: The following link provides Educational Resources that the MA Department of Education has complied:… Read more »

Is there a change in your child’s information?

Have you made any new changes such as phone numbers, emergency contact names, e-mails, or address? If so, please e-mail to update your child’s information.