Bobcat Bulletin 5/19/23

Book Fair News! The ELA coaches are excited to announce that Hunking will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair May 30-June 5. This will be a great way to kick off summer reading! The fair will be held in the library during school hours.

Next week there will be a link to share, so that you can browse the fair ahead of time online, and/or set up an E-Wallet. Parents, if you are interested in volunteering at the fair please contact our ELA coaches:

Kristin Bisegna:

Ali LaCoste:


Summer Reading: If you would like to keep your student reading this summer, check out the Haverhill YMCA Literacy Academy. 



Student Dress Code: With the warmer weather here, the student dress code has become a “hot button” topic recently at Hunking. We recognize that this is a sensitive topic and one that includes a lot of “gray area”, so I have once again attached the dress code policy that can be found on page 23 of the HPS student handbook for all families to review:

“The responsibility for the dress and appearance of the students will rest with individual students and parents. 

They have the right to determine how the student will dress providing that attire is not destructive to school property, complies with requirements for health and safety, and does not cause disorder or disruption. The administration is authorized to take action in instances where individual dress does not meet the stated requirements. 

This does not mean that student, faculty, or parent groups may not recommend appropriate dress for school or special occasions. It means that students will not be prevented from attending school or a school function, or otherwise be discriminated against, so long as their dress and appearance meet the requirements set forth above. 

Students are not permitted to dress in any manner that is distracting to teaching or learning, to other students or disrupting the educational process or environment of the school. Clothing that is considered to be distracting includes but may not be limited to the following:

  • Extremely short skirts or shorts rising more than 7″ above the knee.
  • Shirts or blouses bearing midriffs. 
  • See-through clothing.
  • Halters or tank tops with less than 1″ straps, tube-tops, or blouses with excessively  low cut tops. 
  • Low rider pants and pants that do not cover underwear. 
  • Clothing or jewelry that advertises or promotes products or activities that are illegal. 
  • Clothing containing inappropriate or suggestive language or pictures. 
  • Clothing that identifies students as members of a gang or an imitation of gang paraphernalia will not be permitted. This includes but is not limited to bandanas, pins, insignias, colors, jewelry, emblems, wave caps, etc. 
  • Studded accessories such as belt buckles, bracelets, chains, etc. are not permitted.
  • Any other dress that distracts, disrupts, intimidates or provokes can be deemed inappropriate by the Principal or Assistant Principal. 

The Principal and Assistant Principal have the final decision in making the determination that there has been a violation of the dress code policy. In the event that the Principal is unavailable, the Assistant Principal has the full authority to make the final determination on whether a student’s clothing is in violation of the dress code policy.”


HUNKING THEME OF THE MONTH: Hunking will be embracing a theme of the month which will be focused on in and around our School building throughout each month. Hunking staff will promote and nominate students each month who they feel have personified the monthly theme on a consistent basis. Based on those nominations, one boy and one girl in each grade will be recognized as a “Hunking Hero” and receive a t-shirt. 

Throughout the month of May, we are embracing the theme of Honesty.   Honesty is the quality or fact of being honest; uprightness and fairness. It is truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness and freedom from deceit or fraud.. Staff will be on the lookout this month for the students who personify honesty. 

Future themes will include: 

June – Pride: 












  • The next PTO meeting is Thursday, May 25th at 6:15. Only 2 meetings to go! We do need some new Board Members for the 2023-2024 school year…if you’re interested in learning more about our open positions, please plan to come to our next meeting or reach out to





Your School Counselors:

Sarah Petrick k-4 School Counselor

Terri Carney 5-8 School Counselor


Work Permits

Students are applying for their first jobs! Work permit information can be found here:

Guidance Information

We are introducing a new avenue for you to access all information regarding applications and the transition to high school. We recommend you utilize this resource as often as possible, as we will consistently update this site throughout the week. We at Hunking believe that working together to support student success is paramount.





Hunking’s ST Math Puzzle Clubs!

Hunking’s 500 Puzzle Club

Hunking’s 1,000 Puzzle Club

Hunking’s Finishers Club


8TH GRADE PROMOTION: SAVE THE DATE – Attention 8th grade families: The 8th grade promotion will be held on Thursday, June 22nd at 6pm with the promotion dance to immediately follow the ceremony. Please stay tuned for more specific details as we get closer to the event. 


8th Grade Math iReady Spring Diagnostic will be held this Monday and Tuesday, May 22nd and 23rd. This is a great opportunity for students to get immediate feedback about their performance this year. Please encourage your child to complete the test to the best of their ability and let them know you are proud of their hard work this year.


NEWS FROM OUR NURSES:     With the warmer weather upon us, please make sure to send your child to school with a water bottle8th Grade parents whose children are going on the field trip: Please bring in your documentation and medications for the Washington field trip as soon as possible. Our last day to collect medications will be May 23.2023.


LOST AND FOUND: Our lost and found for any clothing items is located in the locker room area in the main hallway of the school. Any lost lunch boxes or water bottles can be found on the shelves in our cafeteria. We encourage you to have your students check frequently, as all unclaimed clothing at the end of each month is then donated by the school. 





Haverhill Middle School Track has been invited to attend Thursday Meets at North Andover High School!

  • Athletes need their own transportation to and from North Andover High School. 

If you are unable to attend we will still have practice held at school as regularly scheduled.

The remaining meet dates are:

  • Thursday May 25
  • Thursday June 1


The meets start at 4:00 and conclude at 5:30 pm.

There are no sign ups and athletes can participate in as many events as they want! 

This is a GREAT opportunity for our runners and hope you are able to take advantage of it! 

Coaches will be at the meets so be sure to check in with one of us upon arrival! 




LEGO Club: The calendar containing all dates through the end of the year can be found here. Just a reminder that parent pick-up is at the middle school entrance on the far end of the building (not the main or elementary entrances). 


LEAD Program (Formerly VIP):  The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 25 as we prepare for “Wear Orange Day” on Friday, June 2. Students are encouraged to wear something orange that day to honor the 100+ young people who are hurt or killed by gun violence every day.  This is an event recognized throughout the country to honor the many lives lost from gun violence. The LEAD team will be participating in awareness activities in the school leading up to Wear Orange Day. 


GRIT: GRIT teams from rounds 2,3 & 4 are invited to attend a kayaking field trip to Plugs Pond on Monday, June 12 from 9:30-1:30. Letters and permission slips will be sent home with students soon. There is no cost for this trip. Also, the next GRIT meeting is on a TUESDAY next week (May 23) instead of our usual Monday meeting. We will be building picnic tables for the school field area.


GSA: The final meeting of the GSA this year will be June 9. All meetings take place in room 300 until 4:00. Please see Mr. Molloy with any questions.  


DRAMA CLUB:   Due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances Xanadu is being rescheduled to Friday, June 9 and Saturday, June 10. Tickets will be honored at future shows. Additional details, including the times, will be forthcoming.

Thank you for your understanding.


YEARBOOK: Mr. Thornton (Yearbook Advisor) will be on paternity leave starting May 15th. Please email Shelley MacRae with any yearbook related questions.


The deadline to design custom pages for the yearbook is May 26th. 




-All students in grades 5-8 have been issued school IDs. It is required that they bring and wear their ID badges each day. 

-Please make sure that your student(s) are coming to school daily with a fully charged chromebook. 

-Please make sure that you are sending your student(s) with a water bottle. We have a limited supply of cups and we do not have access to water fountains, only water bottle filling stations. 




MORNING DROP OFF: To all families that drop their students off in the morning, please remember to drop your students off at the proper end of the building. All K-4 students should be dropped on the lower school side of the building. All 5-8 students should be dropped off on the upper school side of the building. Please be aware that there should be NO DROP OFFS AT THE FRONT OF THE BUILDING BETWEEN 8:00AM-8:30AM. This is for safety reasons. We appreciate everyone’s support and cooperation with this procedure. Thank you!


UPPER SCHOOL DROP OFF: Parents and Guardians, please be aware that the safety and security of our students is the number one priority. We kindly ask that all parents/guardians who drop students off in the morning on the upper school side of the building, please follow the proper traffic pattern to ensure everyone’s safety. Please do not cut across the parking lot. We ask that you drive slow while on school grounds, and we appreciate your patience as we are aware that many people have places to be after dropping off. Again, we appreciate you prioritizing the safety of our students. Thank you!


CAR PICK UP & DROP OFF: Safety and Security of our students, staff, and families is our number one priority, so we would like to ask that those families who utilize car pick up and drop off be cognizant of our security guards directing traffic. Security would like to emphasize the use of turn signals when picking-up or dropping-off your student. If you are not turning, please flash your headlights so that they are aware that you are continuing straight. We want to make sure everyone remains safe. We greatly appreciate your attention and support with this matter. 


Lower school pick up: If you are walking to pick up your K student please wait near the kindergarten doors and if you are walking to pick up your grade 1-4 student please wait at the lower school walker pick up door. DO NOT come to the lower school playground to pick up your child. The students in the playground area are waiting for car pick up only. 




-Cell phones are not allowed to be used throughout the school day. The expectation is that the phone is turned off and put away. 

-If students are found to be using their cell phone for any purpose the following policy will be followed:

-1st offense: Cell phone will be confiscated and submitted to the main office where the student can get the phone back at the end of the day with a warning. 

-2nd offense: Cell phones will be confiscated and submitted to the main office where a parent/guardian will need to pick up the phone.

-3rd offense: Cell phone will be confiscated and submitted to the main office where a parent/guardian will need to pick up the phone and the student will be issued an office detention. 

-4th offense: Cell phone will be confiscated and submitted to the main office where a parent/guardian will need to pick up the phone and a meeting will need to take place in order to establish a contract where phone can either be dropped off at arrival time and picked up at dismissal, or the phone is not allowed in school. 

-Students will not be allowed to have cell phones in the bathroom. Students will need to leave their phones face down on their desk when leaving for the bathroom. 

-We recognize the importance for students to have cell phones, but we respectfully ask for your support in reinforcing the cell phone rules. If there is ever a reason for a student to call home, I am happy to allow them to utilize my office phone. Also, if you have to get in touch with your student, we would ask that you please contact the main office during school hours.