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Caleb Dustin Hunking bears a close relationship to Haverhill’s most historical character, being a direct descendant of Hannah Duston. Born in Hill, New Hampshire February 24, 1805, he attended Franklin Academy, Franklin, New Hampshire for a short time after which teaching occupied several years of his early life. Removing to Haverhill he became one of the best known and esteemed shoe manufacturers in this City. In 1855 he became the first man from Haverhill to sit on the Governors Council and in 1857 served in the State Senate. Later he was “Justice of the Peace and Quorum for all of the Counties of the Commonwealth.” In 1847 he built a home at the corner of Merrimack and How Streets where the Masonic Temple now is. When the Business Section expanded from Water Street to Merrimack Street in 1871 the house was moved to Main Street. In 1923 it was sold to the American Legion for use as a home. Expanding his shoe business he built “the Granite Front” a business block at 68-84 Merrimack Street where he occupied the upper floors, renting the street floor to R. H. Macy who later sold his business here and moved to New York where he established and built up the spectacularly successful department store bearing the name of “Macy’s.” A substantial amount of capitol is said to have been supplied by his friend Caleb Hunking.…..

excerpted from the Dedication, March 16, 1960 

  • Aug. 21st. updated Information

  • August 28th Classroom Visits

    August 28 Classroom Visits

    2:15-3:15 Lower School Students and Parents in grades one through four can visit their classroom- Please meet in the Gymnasium at 2:15 for a brief overview

    3:15-4:15 Fifth and Sixth grade students and parents can visit the fifth and sixth grade classrooms-Please meet in the Gymnasium at 3:15 for a brief overview

  • Food Service Contacts

    Food Services

    127 Monument St., Haverhill, MA 01832 | Office Hours 8:00-4:00

    | Phone (978) 374-3423 | Fax (978) 374-3419

  • August Parent Letter

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    I hope everyone is having relaxing summer! As we approach the start of the school year I will communicate with you via email for many things. If you are aware of families not receiving emails, please let them know all information is posted on the Hunking Website. We are currently working on getting all emails into the system.

    Important Dates and Information:

    School Lunch
    Update your child’s School Bucks account or purchase lunch with money at school
    Students will use Student ID’s to purchase lunch (this ID follows students K-12)
    Free and Reduced Lunch forms will be mailed home, found on the website, or sent home at the start of school
    Lower School Lunch Choices:
    Pepperoni or cheese pizza, pre-made cold sandwich, the hot entree
    August 25 at 3:00 PM
    Upper School homeroom placements posted at Upper School entrance and on the Hunking Website
    Lower School teacher assignments posted at Lower School entrance and on the Hunking Website
    Kindergarten placements will not be posted
    August 28 Classroom Visits
    2:15-3:15 Lower School Students and Parents in grades one through four can visit their classroom- Please meet in the Gymnasium at 2:15 for a brief overview
    3:15-4:15 Fifth and Sixth grade students and parents can visit the fifth and sixth grade classrooms-Please meet in the Gymnasium at 3:15 for a brief overview
    August 29, 30, 31 Kindergarten Screening
    The Hunking Front Office will contact families to set up appointments for Kindergarten Screenings
    August 29 The First Day of School for grades 1-8
    Students can begin arriving at 8:00
    Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures will be emailed and posted on the website
    September 1 Early Release
    Dismissal at 11:05
    September 4 No School Labor Day

    Shannon Nolan
    Shannon Nolan
    Principal, CD Hunking School


    Estimados padres y tutores,
    espero que todo el mundo está teniendo verano de relax! A medida que nos acercamos al inicio
    del año escolar voy a comunicar con usted por correo electrónico para muchas cosas. Si usted
    está enterado de las familias que no reciben mensajes de correo electrónico, por favor hacerles
    saber toda la información está publicada en la página web Hunking. Actualmente estamos
    trabajando en conseguir todos los mensajes de correo electrónico en el sistema.
    Las fechas importantes e información:
    almuerzo escolar
    ● Actualización de la cuenta de Bucks escuela de su hijo o de comprar el almuerzo con el
    dinero ade la escuela
    ● los estudiantesutilizará identificación del estudiante de comprar el almuerzo (este ID
    sigue los estudiantes K-12)
    ● gratis y formas de almuerzo reducido será enviada a la casa, que se encuentra en el
    sitio web, o enviado a casa al comienzo de la escuela
    ● Lower School opciones de almuerzo:
    ○ salchichones o pizza de queso, bocadillo frío pre-hechos, el plato caliente
    25 de agosto a 15:00
    ● Colocaciones de aula de escuela superior colocados a la entrada de la escuela superior
    y en lasHunking webla
    ● asignaciones de maestrosdeescuela inferior colocados a la entrada escuela más baja y
    en lassitio webHunking
    ○ ubicaciones delde Kinderno se publicarán
    28 de agosto visitas a las aulas
    ● 2: 15-3: 15 Bajo estudiantes de la escuela y los padres de los grados del uno al cuatro,
    puede visitar su aula- favor reunirse en el gimnasio a las 2:15 para una breve
    ● 3: 15-4: 15 quinto y sexto grado los estudiantes y los padres pueden visitar el quinto y
    sexto grado aulas-por favor, se reúnen en el gimnasio a las 3:15 para una breve
    de agosto de 29 de, 30, 31 Kinder Screening
    ● la oficina Hunking pondrá en contacto con las familias para establecer citas para las
    proyecciones de Kinder
    29 de agosto, el primer día de clases para los grados 1-8
    ● 8: 30-2: 45
    ● los estudiantes pueden comenzar a llegar a las 8:00
    ● para dejar y Procedimientos de recogida se enviarán por correo electrónico y se
    publicarán en el sitio web
    1 de septiembre de Liberación temprana
    ● Salida a las 11:05
    Día del Trabajo de septiembre de 4 No hay escuela
    Shannon Nolan
    PrincipalNolan,CD Hunking Escuela

  • Hunking School Start and End Times

  • Donate a New Book at the C.D. Hunking


    The C.D. Hunking School would not be complete without books donated from the C.D. Hunking School families and community members.


    Thank you!

  • Box Tops Collection

    The Hunking School PTO will be holding our first Box Tops collection, so please clip and send all your Box Tops to the main office. This is an easy way to raise money for our school! Look on packages of General Mills cereals, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Ziploc, Green Giant products, and many more. Go To: < to learn more about the program.
    Thank you for supporting our school!
    Laurie Thornell
    Box Tops Coordinator

  • “Home of the Bobcats”

    480 So. Main St.
    Bradford, MA 01835
    8:30AM – 2:45PM

    (978) 374-5787
    (978) 374-5790 fax

    Shannon Nolan

    Nathan Gage

    Asst. Principal

    Jennifer Russell

    Principal Clerk
    Linda Motta

    School Nurse
    RaeAnne Hallahan, RN,BSN

    ETF/Special Education

(978) 374-3400
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