A peek at our week from Dr. Kirk 9-1-21


A Peek at Our Week- September 1, 2021

        Dr Kirk, Principal- Hunking School


Dear Families:

Thank you for sending us such happy, inquisitive, and joyful children! It is only day Two and we are into a routine (or getting there). And thank you for your patience as we safely transition students into classrooms and to buses, cars, etc., at the end of the day.


I watched yesterday unfold- if I were twins it may have helped get to each area- but I did the best I could. Dismissal was pretty smooth for day one but we are tweaking it and will see how that unfolds today.


If you have any address or phone number changes- please let our office know immediately.


Kindergarten teachers  intend to complete their screening tomorrow and we will be in touch by end of day Friday for the placements. Their first day is Wednesday, September 8.


REMINDER:  Friday, September 3 is an early release day for everyone- Dismissal time is 11:05am. NO LUNCH served or distributed.


I will still do my Friday Folder but I thought a little update would be helpful.


Dr. Kirk, Principal