Caleb Dustin Hunking School

  • Hunking Start and End Times

    School begins at 8:30am

    Dismissal is at 2:45pm

    Half Day dismissal is at 11:05am

    Please remember the directions for arrival and dismissal.  Student safety is of the utmost importance! In particular:

    • DO pick up your students at 2:45.  There is no supervision after school.

    • DO NOT dismiss your student early so you don’t have to wait in line.  If you have a valid reason to dismiss your child, please do so before 2:30

    • DO NOT drop off students at the front door.  Upper school enters at their end of the building and lower school enters at their end.

    • DO get your student to school before 8:30

    • DO keep your speed at or under 10 MPH!

    • DO NOT pick up or drop off students anywhere but the designated area, for everyone’s safety.

    • DO be considerate of neighbors of the school and avoid parking or walking on lawns.  Revere St. is not a designated parking lot.

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