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Free Meal Pickups Run Daily from 11:00 am. – 1:00 pm

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Caleb Dustin Hunking bears a close relationship to Haverhill’s most historical character, being a direct descendant of Hannah Duston. Born in Hill, New Hampshire February 24, 1805, he attended Franklin Academy, Franklin, New Hampshire for a short time after which teaching occupied several years of his early life. Removing to Haverhill he became one of the best known and esteemed shoe manufacturers in this City. In 1855 he became the first man from Haverhill to sit on the Governors Council and in 1857 served in the State Senate. Later he was “Justice of the Peace and Quorum for all of the Counties of the Commonwealth.” In 1847 he built a home at the corner of Merrimack and How Streets where the Masonic Temple now is. When the Business Section expanded from Water Street to Merrimack Street in 1871 the house was moved to Main Street. In 1923 it was sold to the American Legion for use as a home. Expanding his shoe business he built “the Granite Front” a business block at 68-84 Merrimack Street where he occupied the upper floors, renting the street floor to R. H. Macy who later sold his business here and moved to New York where he established and built up the spectacularly successful department store bearing the name of “Macy’s.” A substantial amount of capitol is said to have been supplied by his friend Caleb Hunking.…..

excerpted from the Dedication, March 16, 1960

  • 3/28/2020 A Message from the Principal

    Dear Families, I’ll keep this short – I know you are getting a lot of email and other communications from a lot of us.

    I do want to take a moment to thank you for staying so positive during this time. I know this is a challenge for you all in so many ways, but sharing notes and photos of your children has been uplifting for all of us. It feels good to be a part of this community, where I can see you all supporting each other, the students and the staff here at Hunking. A few things:

    We are trying to each out to families who do not have access to a device and/or internet. If you need assistance or no someone who needs assistance, please email me directly,

    With the new extended closure and return date of May 4th, we are working on some more long-term learning opportunities. The staff will continue working this week to prepare things for students and we will communicate with you as they develop. Again, we appreciate your patience and support.

    The Haverhill Public Schools website is updated with new resources and ways to connect almost every day.

    Free breakfast and lunch for students can be picked up at Hunking every day from 11:00 AM -1:00 PM.

    Please keep those photos coming! It is a joy to see them! I’ll be trying to drop into the class google meetings with the students whenever I can.

    Stay safe and healthy!

    Sincerely, Shannon Gilligan, Principal

    Actualización de la directora 3.28.20

    Estimadas familias, haré esto breve: sé que están recibiendo muchos correos electrónicos y otras comunicaciones de muchos de nosotros. Quiero tomarme un momento para agradecerle por mantenerse tan positivo durante este tiempo. Sé que esto es un desafío para todos ustedes de muchas maneras, pero compartir notas y fotos de sus hijos nos ha animado a todos. Se siente bien ser parte de esta comunidad, donde puedo verlos apoyándose mutuamente, a los estudiantes y al personal aquí en Hunking. Algunas cosas: estamos tratando de comunicarnos con las familias que no tienen acceso a un dispositivo o internet. Si necesita ayuda o no hay alguien que la necesite, envíeme un correo electrónico directamente, Con el nuevo cierre extendido y la fecha de regreso del 4 de mayo, estamos trabajando en algunas oportunidades de aprendizaje a largo plazo. El personal continuará trabajando esta semana para preparar cosas para los estudiantes y nos comunicaremos con usted a medida que se desarrollen. Nuevamente, apreciamos su paciencia y apoyo. El sitio web de las Escuelas Públicas de Haverhill se actualiza con nuevos recursos y formas de conectarse casi todos los días.

    El desayuno y el almuerzo gratis para los estudiantes se pueden recoger en Hunking todos los días de 11:00 a.m. a 1:00 p.m. ¡Por favor mantengan esas fotos! ¡Es una alegría verlos! Intentaré participar en las reuniones de google de la clase con los estudiantes siempre que pueda. ¡

    Mantente seguro y saludable! Atentamente, Shannon Giigan, directa



  • Spirit Week

  • Call Central Office

    At this time, the school building is closed. If you need to reach us, please call Central Office at 978-374-3400.

  • Home Learning Resources

    Mental Health Resource: Lahey Behavioral Health 978.521.7777


    The following link provides Enrichment Resources that HPS has compiled:

    The following link provides Educational Resources that the MA Department of Education has complied:


    Hunking Highlights:

    Music with Mrs. Rico, Hunking Music Teacher!

    Reading with Mrs. VanDoren, Hunking Special Education Teacher!

    In honor of World Down Syndrome Day Mrs. VanDoren read a special story Love Is:

    Ms. McKean and Ms. Brooks created a calendar of Occupational Therapy activities: Occupational Therapy Hunking

    Physical Education activities: Physical Education Activities

    Tie Dye with Mr. Rosa, Hunking Art Teacher! The following link is to Mr. Rosa’s YouTube page:

    He will do lessons daily at 11:00am (except grade 3 will be at 10:00am):

    Monday – Kindergarten

    Tuesday – Grade 1

    Wednesday – Grade 3

    Thursday – Grade 4 & 5

    Friday – Grade 6

    Specials Bingo: Specials Bingo Hunking



  • March 16, 2020 update

  • School Closure Information- A Message from the Principal

    Dear Families,

    Over the course of the next few days, information regarding resources during school closures will be relayed through email, and on Haverhill Public Schools websites.  Please stay home, take care of yourselves and follow the guidelines given for health and safety. As always, please feel free to call or email with any questions.

    Staff members will be working during the next several days to provide learning opportunities for all.  Please be patient as we work through the details. You can expect another update on Monday afternoon.

    Here’s what we know for now:

    Food Support for Students: We have worked with food services to develop essential services for students experiencing food scarcity and food insecurity to have access to food stations (during this closure) that will comply with social isolation expectations but still allow kids to eat.  We are committed to providing access to the nutrition our students need during this extended emergency districtwide closure. We will be offering meals for pick up at 4 sites. We will run them daily from 11:00 am. – 1:00 pm beginning Monday March 16. We The locations are:

    • The Consentino School  – 685 Washington Street
    • The Nettle School – 150 Boardman Street
    • The YMCA – 81 Winter Street
    • The Boys and Girls Club – 55 Emerson Street

    All children of Haverhill (age 1 – graduation) – regardless of the school attended (HPS, Hillview Montessori, Whittier Vocational Technical, Sacred Heart etc.) will be served.  Each child may take a lunch and a grab and go breakfast for the following morning each day. For the most up to date information visit the district website, 

    In addition, please note Comcast is taking immediate steps to help connect more low-income families to the Internet at home. Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, new Internet Essentials customers will receive two free months of Internet service. After your first two free months expire, you can either cancel the service (which you can do at any time) or keep it as a regular paying Internet Essentials customer. You will receive an easy to use self-install-kit that includes a cable modem (to receive service at your home) with a WiFi router (to connect your devices without wires). There is no term contract or credit check and no shipping fee for equipment.

    Schoolwork for Students: Many teachers will continue to use google classroom and will be in touch with students.  While we plan for other learning opportunities we are also encouraging students to keep a journal.  This will be a moment in history that students will look back on and wonder what they were doing, thinking and feeling.  

    Other Academic Resources While our students are out of school, we want to do as much as we can to ensure they have access to academic material. As a result, we have taken the following steps: 

    1. The HPS Curriculum Department has partnered with Haverhill Community TV to air educational programming. This information will be available on the district website in the coming days. 
    2. Various curriculum materials have been added to the HPS website under “Supportive Home Learning Resources” found at the following link:
    3. Students may access any of the online programs used in schools such as iReady, McGraw-Hill Social Studies textbook/activities (Grades 6-8) and STEMScopes using their regular HPS username and password. The launchpad containing those links can be found at the following link:

    We feel that it is in all our students’ best interest to stay engaged in learning during this time, but we recognize that this is a difficult time for all, therefore, students who do not participate will not be penalized.   


    Shannon Gilligan, Principal


    Actualización del cierre de la escuela 3.15.20

    Estimadas familias:

    En el transcurso de los próximos días, la información sobre los recursos durante el cierre de la escuela se transmitirá por correo electrónico y en los sitios web de las Escuelas Públicas de Haverhill. Por favor, quédese en casa, cuidese y siga las pautas dadas para la salud y la seguridad. Como siempre, no dude en llamar o enviar un correo electrónico con cualquier pregunta.

    Los miembros del personal y yo estaremos trabajando durante los próximos días para proporcionar oportunidades de aprendizaje para todos. Tenga paciencia mientras trabajamos en los detalles. Puede esperar otra actualización el lunes por la tarde.

    Esto es lo que sabemos por ahora:

    Apoyo alimentario para estudiantes: Hemos trabajado con los servicios de alimentos para desarrollar servicios esenciales para que los estudiantes que experimentan escasez de alimentos e inseguridad alimentaria tengan acceso a las estaciones de alimentos (durante este cierre) que cumplirán con las expectativas de aislamiento social pero permitirán que los niños coman. Estamos comprometidos a proporcionar acceso a la nutrición que nuestros estudiantes necesitan durante este cierre de emergencia extendido en todo el distrito. Estaremos ofreciendo comidas para recoger en 4 sitios. Los ejecutaremos diariamente desde las 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 pm a partir del lunes 16 de marzo. Nosotros Los lugares son:

    • The Consentino School – 685 Washington Street
    • The Nettle School – 150 Boardman Street
    • The YMCA – 81 Winter Street
    • The Boys and Girls Club – 55 Emerson Street

    Todos los niños de Haverhill (edad 1 – graduación) – independientemente de la escuela a la que asistieron (HPS, Hillview Montessori, Whittier Vocational Technical, Sacred Heart, etc.) serán atendidos. Cada niño puede almorzar y tomar un desayuno para la mañana siguiente todos los días. Para obtener la información más actualizada, visite el sitio web del distrito, 

    Además, tenga en cuenta que Comcast está tomando medidas inmediatas para ayudar a conectar a más familias de bajos ingresos a Internet en casa. A partir del lunes 16 de marzo de 2020, los nuevos clientes de Internet Essentials recibirán dos meses gratis de servicio de Internet. Después de que vencen sus primeros dos meses gratuitos, puede cancelar el servicio (que puede hacer en cualquier momento) o mantenerlo como un cliente de Internet Essentials que paga regularmente. Recibirá un kit de autoinstalación fácil de usar que incluye un módem de cable (para recibir servicio en su hogar) con un enrutador WiFi (para conectar sus dispositivos sin cables). No hay contrato a término ni verificación de crédito ni tarifa de envío para el equipo.

    Trabajo escolar para estudiantes: muchos maestros continuarán usando el aula de google y se pondrán en contacto con los estudiantes. Si bien planeamos otras oportunidades de aprendizaje, también alentamos a los estudiantes a llevar un diario. Este será un momento en la historia que los estudiantes mirarán hacia atrás y se preguntarán qué estaban haciendo, pensando y sintiendo.  

    Otros recursos académicos Mientras nuestros estudiantes están fuera de la escuela, queremos hacer todo lo posible para asegurarnos de que tengan acceso al material académico. Como resultado, hemos tomado los siguientes pasos: 

    1. El Departamento de Currículo de HPS se ha asociado con Haverhill Community TV para transmitir programas educativos. Esta información estará disponible en el sitio web del distrito en los próximos días. 
    2. Se han agregado varios materiales curriculares al sitio web de HPS en “Recursos de apoyo para el aprendizaje en el hogar” que se encuentra en el siguiente enlace:
    1. Los estudiantes pueden acceder cualquiera de los programas en línea utilizados en escuelas como iReady, libro de texto / actividades de estudios sociales McGraw-Hill (Grados 6-8) y STEMScopes utilizando su nombre de usuario y contraseña de HPS. La plataforma de lanzamiento que contiene esos enlaces se puede encontrar en el siguiente enlace:

    Creemos que es en el mejor interés de todos nuestros estudiantes mantenerse involucrados en el aprendizaje durante este tiempo, pero reconocemos que esto Es un momento difícil para todos, por lo tanto, los estudiantes que no participen no serán penalizados.


    Shannon Gilligan, Directora



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