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  • Supply List Grades 3 & 7 will be posted at a later date

    Supply list for parents
    Student Supplies:
    ● 3 plastic folders with prongs (red green blue)
    ● 2 black marble, wide-ruled composition books
    ● 1 pkg expo Dry Erase Markers (fine tip)
    ● 6 LARGE glue sticks
    ● 1 box Crayola Crayons
    ● 2 pink erasers
    ● Crayola markers
    ● Pencils
    OPTIONAL (but appreciated)
    ● Crayola Twistable Crayons (a little pricey but last forever)
    ● Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils
    ● Baby wipes
    ● Clorox wipes
    ● Tissues

    First Grade Supply List -2018-2019
    1. Hard Sided Pencil Box
    2. Scissors
    3. 2 Large Glue Sticks
    4. Ticonderoga Pencils
    5. Box of 24 crayons
    6. 1 large pencil eraser
    7. Skinny markers
    *Headphones for the classroom iPads are provided, however if your child
    prefers to use their own headphones they may bring a set to school for
    their own personal use.
    If you have extra items from the list above, please feel free to send in so we
    can share and/or replenish as needed.
    Classroom Donations List
    1. Paper Towels
    2. Expo(dry erase) Markers
    3. Tissues
    4. Lysol Wipes
    5. Baby Wipes
    6. Bandaids
    7. Hand sanitizer
    8. Fat Markers
    9. Ziploc Gallon Freezer Bags
    10.Ziploc Sandwich Bags
    *A donation from the classroom supply list is completely optional and
    always appreciated. We use MANY wipes!!

    2nd Grade Supply list
    Ms. Giarrusso
    Mrs. Joyce
    Mrs. LaRochelle
    Mrs. Wood
    Below is a list of supplies your child should bring to school. We have set up an account
    with Teacher Lists (
    You can order your kids’ entire school supply list in a few simple taps, pick it up sameday
    at your local Target, or have it shipped to your door via Target or Amazon.
    This is just an option available for your convenience.
    1- 1 1/2 inch binder
    2-1 subject spiral notebooks – wide ruled
    3 jumbo glue sticks
    1 package of twistable crayons
    2-3 hole punch folders
    #2 Ticonderoga sharpened pencils
    1 pair of kid scissors
    2 highlighters (2 different colors)
    3 hole pencil case (one that will fit in their binder – NOT a hard pencil
    1- Package of sheet Protectors
    Optional supplies that will help your child when using the iPad.
    -stylus pen
    Classroom Community Supplies
    Clorox Wipes
    Paper Towels
    Sheet Protectors
    Glue Sticks
    Astro bright Copy Paper
    White Card Stock

    4th Grade Supply List
    ● 1 Red Wide Ruled 1 subject Notebook
    ● 1 Blue Wide Ruled 1 subject Notebook
    ● 1 Green Wide Ruled 1 subject Notebook
    ● 2 Two-pocket plastic folders
    ● Skinny Expo Markers*
    ● Twistables Colored pencils*
    ● 1 package of wide ruled loose leaf paper*
    ● Pencil top erasers*
    ● Skinny markers*
    ● Highlighters*
    ● Glue sticks*
    ● Earbuds/headphones ( will be kept at school for individual use)
    Donations of the following are greatly appreciated:
    ● Paper towels
    ● Tissues
    ● Clorox cleaning wipes
    ● Construction paper
    ● Colored copy paper
    ● Liquid Hand soap
    * These items will be used for our classroom community

    5 th grade school supply list
    C.D Hunking School
    Dear Parents/Guardians,
    Each summer, many parents/guardians purchase school supplies for the Fall in advance. A current 5 th grade school supply list is being supplied to better serve you. By providing this list, we hope to prevent you from making purchases that are not needed or required!
    Specific Subject Requirements:
    ❖ 1 black and white marble composition notebook
    ❖ Glue Stick
    ❖ 1 inch binder
    ❖ College Ruled Filler Paper
    ❖ Expo Markers
    ❖ 1 three hole punched folder with pockets
    ❖ 1 marble composition notebook (1 roll duct tape to decorate if you wish!)
    ❖ Marble Composition Notebooks
    ❖ 1 green folder with pockets
    ❖ Glue Stick
    ❖ Scissors
    Social Studies
    ❖ 1 orange folder with pockets
    ❖ 1 orange single subject notebook
    ❖ 1 marble composition notebook
    5 th Grade General Supply Suggestions:
    ❖ Pencils
    ❖ Highlighters
    ❖ Glue Sticks
    ❖ Pens
    Enjoy your Summer!
    The Fifth Grade Team

     6th grade student supply list
    ❏ Science Binder 2”
    ❏ Loose leaf paper
    ❏ 3 hole reinforcements
    ❏ Math Notebook
    ❏ Social Studies notebook
    ❏ Pencils
    ❏ Pens
    ❏ Whiteboard Markers
    ❏ One folder for each class (4) or an accordion folder (giant zipper
    binders are not necessary and don’t fit well on desks or in lockers)
    ❏ Index cards
    ❏ Tissues
    ❏ Clorox wipes
    ❏ A positive attitude

    Grade 8 Supply List

    Students will need:
    General Supplies:
    (5) pencils with erasers
    (5) pens
    (1) pair of headphones/earbuds
    (1) set of markers
    (1) set of colored pencils
    (1) silver Sharpie marker
    (1) pair of scissors
    (3) glue sticks
    (1) box of tissues
    (1) pencil case
    In ELA:
    (2) 1 subject or composition notebooks
    (1) pocket folder
    In SS:
    (1) pocket folder
    Binder dividers
    1” binder
    In Math:
    Pencil case
    Graph lined composition books several : please no spiral notebooks the composition books are preferred
    because the pages don’t tear out easily
    PENCILS number 2
    Graph paper
    Pocket folders several
    Expo Markers
    Colored pencils
    In Science:
    2” binder
    2 packs of binder dividers
    Reinforced Loose leaf paper or one subject notebook with perforated pages
    Colored pencils

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