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  • A Message from the Principal

    Dear Parents and Guardians,
    Evan Portorreal, a first grader at Hunking in Ms. Masello’s class, has been diagnosed with Leukemia. I am writing to ask for support from our Hunking community for Evan’s family during this most difficult time! Evan also has a brother,
    Victor who is in 7th grade at Hunking. Both Upper and Lower School Students and staff care so deeply for these two boys!
    About 4 weeks ago Evan was admitted to Children’s Hospital in Boston for five weeks of treatments. Evan was supposed to go home this week but recently received news that he would not be going home this week. This news did not stop Evan and his family. He is determined to get home! Evan’s leukemia diagnosis is curable but his fight will include two years of treatments. As you can imagine this if affecting the entire family and any support we can give the family will mean so much! The picture below shows Evan with the many cards made for him by Hunking students. Evan was so excited to receive these cards!
    The students who run the Bobcat Cafe have decided to donate all profits for the month of April to Evan and his family!
    Thank you to the Bobcat Cafe! We will begin selling “Team Evan” orange bracelets during lunch to students in grades
    kindergarten through eighth grade. The profits will be donated to Evan’s family. Once the bracelets have arrived I will send out a notice to parents letting all know that the selling will begin. The PTO will be sponsoring a walk for Evan and his family in May and we will be selling “Team Evan” t-shirts. All profits will be donated to Evan’s family.
    Hunking is a large caring community and we would like to do all we can to support the Portorreal family. If you have an ideas please contact me through email or call me at 978-374-5787.
    We are currently collecting donations such as gift cards or money for the family. If you would like to donate please stop by the office and give your donation to Ms. MacRae. You can also send any donations in with your child to be delivered to the office. Please make sure all donations are clearly labeled. Please join “Team Evan” and support the Portorreal family in anyway you can!
    Shannon Nolan, Principal

(978) 374-3400
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